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  • Holiday integration for the Reports and Planner tab:
    Therefor you can edit your individual holidays or import them from our provided templates.
    The functions for that you find at "Setup -> Public holidays & holidays".
    A holiday day will then be marked with red borders in your Reports and Planner view.

  • The colored marks for the total day events are now also availible in the month report.

  • All lists, the Reports and the Planner got a pull down function to reload the data.

  • When clocking in/out there are more detailed checks and hints to help you in unclear situations.

  • Rating and Registrationreminder:
    The app remembers anonymous users that with a registration they will have much more benefits with BeachWorktime.
    You can also support us by rating for the app in the stores. Therefor you have a new function to jump directly to your store.

  • Vehicle module:
    For selected users we provide a new feature
    - to store and edit a list of vehicles
    - and select a vehcile when you clock in/out.
    In the monthly report export you can see with which vehicle you made which bookings!


  • Team workflow:
    In a team you can use workflows to approve total day events.

  • Subscribe to planner:
    Team members can subscrite to their year planner as an internet calendar.

  • New break type:
    There are 2 types of timebased breaks now.
    Type 'Worktime 1' means that after a defined worktime a break follows/starts.
    Type 'Worktime 2' means that after a defined worktime a break will be subtracted.

  • Quicker navigation from lists to detailviews

  • Simple guide to find the easiest way getting inside the app


  • Worktime based breaks:
    At the definition of your breaks you can now choose how your break should be calculated.
    In the past you had to define fix time frames, from now you can choose the break type 'Worktime'!
    With it you can configure that after a defined worktime a break starts.
    So the break depends on your worktime and not to fixed time frames!

  • Templates:
    If you have notes or complete clocking entries you need several times, you can now use templates for this!
    Just manage your templates under 'Setup/Templates' and use them while creating new clocking lines in your month report!

  • Planner with more options:
    In the planner you can also choose 'En route' and 'Sick-leave' now!

  • Private and public teams:
    In the team function you can choose between diffent team types now.


  • The Yearplanner!!!
    • In the main navigation you find the new feature 'Planner'.
    • There you can plan your holiday and flex days over the whole year.


  • Set days as "working days":
    In the configuration of "different single days" and "single days of a model" you can set a day as "working or not working day".

  • Timemodel for legal holidays:
    Under "Time model -> Edit special rules" you can edit the worktime configuration for legal holidays in your time model.

  • There is a new frontend configuration - "Selected start tab". The selected tab will be activated when you start the app.

  • Create new records in the month report, also if there already exists a record for the selected date:
    • In the detail view of an existing record you can create a new record via the '+' in the toolbar.
    • Are there multible record for the date, you can create a new record via the '+' of the record spinner.

  • You can create new records in the month report, also if the selected date is a legal holiday.

  • In the "Info" tab we changed the website to beachworktime.de and the contact address to info@beachworktime.de.

  • Via the 'i' button at the top of the "Info" tab you can have a look at the "Releasenotes" and "News".

  • After every 15 app starts, there will be a check for updated news.

  • The month report takes the full width of the screen now.

  • It's possible to enter also special characters to all input fields "$%&?...".

  • All email fields switched to HTML5 email fields.